Dressy Tool Watch

Choosing is losing

A tool watch is undeniably useful. Whether you’re a land or sea mammal, they’re generally hardy enough to withstand anything that you can.

But, gentlemen, we have to talk about the look. A tool watch does not go with everything.

Certain celebrities can get away with a tux and a chunky diver…and maybe you can pull it off. Maybe.
But for us mere mortals it’s Against. The. Rules.

At the other end of the spectrum is the dress watch. This guy is all style.

But it’s hard to look cool when you start freaking out every time someone spills their drink near you. It will spend a lot of time sitting in your drawer.

One watch to rule them all

What if you could create a super-breed-mutant watch? Something that fits perfectly under the cuff of your shirt but won’t whine about getting its feet wet.

(What a great idea, John. You should totally do that.)

I could see this so clearly in my mind’s eye, but was stumped on how to describe this thing I had designed. It was hardier than a dress watch; more refined than a tool watch.

In mid-2018 I (almost literally) ran into the answer on my drive into work.

Dress watch + tool watch = dressy tool watch

In episode 68 of the Worn and Wound podcast, Ilya Ryvin and Allen Farmelo were discussing this watch category they had just invented.

These rare beauties looked like a dress watch but acted like a tool watch. It’s basically Bruce Wayne.

How to describe such a thing? Ummmmmmm…. Dressy tool watch? 

It was a surreal experience listening to them describe the watch I had just finished designing.

A DTW (by W&W’s definition) must, above all, look dressy. It must also have:

  • sapphire crystal – mineral or acrylic just aren’t tough enough
  • a stainless steel or titanium case (ceramic at a stretch) – for corrosion resistance and hardiness
  • 100m water resistance or more – because a real man does the dishes
  • An ideal thickness of up to 12mm* - to fit under your cuff
  • brushed or polished finish (no bead blasting) – cos purdy
  • mechanical movement (by W&W’s preference – I’m offering both mechanical and luxury quartz). 

Read more about our purpose built DTWs here.   

*If we’re going to get really specific here (and I am always inclined to be), the Archetype comes in at a slightly more solid 12.4mm to the centre-top of the box sapphire crystal. But what is a difference of ¼ thickness of a dime between friends**?

** Okay, we’re not actually friends. Yet.