We believe that the measure of a person is not whether nor not they makes a mistake; it is how they deal with it.

When you purchase a wristwatch from us, rest assured that we have done everything humanly possible to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Our quality control in Riddes, Switzerland is as tight as men’s tennis shorts in the 80s.

In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, we'll treat you precisely how we would want to be treated, which is to say very well indeed. 

Warranty period

We will send you a watch that is good to go for two years from the shipping date. Three years for our founding community customers.

Within that time, if there is a problem and it’s our fault, then it’s our problem. We’ll fix your watch or replace it.

If there is a problem and it isn’t our fault, or if it is outside of the warranty period, we will still gladly facilitate the repair (where repair is possible), but we will charge the watchmaker’s labour, costs and shipping.

What do we term “our fault”?

We mean anything that was within our control and that should have been good to go. For example, if something comes loose or falls off in normal use.

What do we term “not our fault”?

Anything outside of our control. Like you accidentally dropped it from a height onto concrete. Or you took it under water without screwing down the crown. You get the idea.

OK, so how does it work?
You send an email to director@johnrobertwristwatches.com, tell us what the problem is, send us pictures, then it’s over to us.