Quartz vs Mechanical

Different strokes... 

Look, people get reeeeal passionate about this topic.

But when quartz and mechanical are done right they are simply different flavours of awesome sauce. That’s why John Robert Wristwatches are available in Swiss High Accuracy Quartz (HAQ) or Swiss Automatic.

I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time gettin’ my geek on to make sure that there is something special at the heart of your wristwatch. That means the very best that the home of holey cheese, chocolate and punctual railways has to offer.

...for different folks

Do you lose it over accuracy?

HAQ has your back. This ain't no gas-station-quartz, this is Swiss micro-engineering, affording you autonomous precision through thermocompensation. Yep, your watch cares how hot and cold it is and adjusts itself accordingly.

Because near enough really isn't good enough, the Archetype HAQ is capable of accuracy of up to +/- 10 seconds per year. That's about twenty times more accurate than even good quality digital. Just saying. 

Find the Archetype HAQ here

Are you a traditionalist with a fascination for movement powered ingenuity?

Go the automatic. You can go full-on Robinson Crusoe for as long as you like and still keep the time. Well, for as long as you hold up.

The Archetype Automatic features the latest in 1700s technology. Yep, turns out you can't reinvent the wheel. But you can make it more accurate, reliable and beautiful. I selected the Swiss Sellita SW200 in its highest execution for the Archetype. This movement balances beauty with functionality and reliability; it makes parts and service a breeze for life-long use, no matter where you live on our blue marble. 

The sapphire crystal exhibition caseback allows you to stare lovingly at the artistry and stunning finishing. 

Find the Archetype mechanical here