John Robert Wristwatches is a new Melbourne-based independent watch brand. Our mission is to create artefacts of a gentleman; affordable quality, versatile timepieces intended to become heirlooms; the antithesis of disposability.

The brand's name embodies this fundamental purpose; the Director and Founder, John Robert Barclay, was named for his grandfathers, John (Jack) and Robert, whom he came to know through their artefacts as they had passed before he was born. Discovering Robert's wristwatch in a drawer some fifteen years after his passing sent a 10 year old boy down the rabbit hole of horology. Now John is taking a quarter century of horological obsession, collecting and designing to present his first collection, the Archetype.

Made in Switzerland from the best materials, the Archetype provides the wearer with full strength style; all the elegance of a dress watch with the rugged durability of a tool watch. Sporting a modern interpretation of the linen dial and available in both Swiss automatic and Swiss high accuracy quartz, the Archetype will be available for pre-order on Kickstarter for 30 days, starting Saturday 30 January 2021.

Prototype wristwatches are available for loan to be reviewed; please contact John via the means below if you are interested in borrowing a prototype to review. 
Press Releases
Press Release - John Robert Wristwatches - The Archetype - November 2020 (PDF)
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John Barclay, Director and Founder
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